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Your company’s image is everything. We are experts at working with you to create iconic photography that elevates your visual image and tells the story of your brand. We will work to understand the unique needs of your corporate culture and then incorporate the key messages of your company into a unified visual branding. We provide extremely professional representation of your company, whether the shoot is ten miles or ten time zones away. Tight deadlines? No worries, we revel in the impossible. We have the portability and flexibility to get the shot anywhere in the world.

Do you want to hire a photographer that has no experience working on an industrial job site ? Has no idea of what the term PPE means ? No certs in safety ? 

Or would you rather hire a photographer that is professional, knowledgeable and works safely throughout the site ? Has over 20 + years experience photographing industrial and construction scenarios and understands job site procedures ? Comes to the job site with all proper PPE and doesn't need to be babysat while on the site ? 

Experience on the job, whether construction sites, refinery sites or mining operations has allowed me to develop a style that is respected by my peers and my clients. I strive to create images that will stand out when used in my clients marking materials and websites. I go the extra mile, capture the extra photos and give my client the WOW factor they are looking for ! 

Commercial Photography Services for Interior Designers, Architects, Developers, Builders and Real Estate By using traditional and advanced lighting methods, we are able to create images that both document a space and help tell a story. We create photographs of your spaces that draw the viewer in, and convey the feeling and emotion that the architect & designer envisioned. Whether you have a small project, or a large one, we can handle your commercial photography needs. Click here to see more images in our Commercial portfolio (located under Galleries on our menu) for examples of recent work we've done. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah but are available for projects throughout  the Intermountain West and West Coast.  

Pricing varies, depending on the project and location. We are NOT THE CHEAPEST photographer available !  if your looking for cheap, hire the kid down the street ! We are not the cheapest -  But we are the BEST !  This website gives you some idea of the quality images you can expect from a professional photographer.

So contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help showcase your spaces in their best light.

To reach Ken directly:


Phone: (801) 651-3914

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