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Industrial Photography-

There are just some things you shouldn't use your smartphone for !

Your company image is vitally important and therefore any company photos and industrial image portfolio should show quality ! Quality that only a professional can capture.

Do you want to hire a photographer that has no experience working on an industrial job site ? Has no idea of what the term PPE means ? No certs in safety ? Or would you rather hire a photographer that is professional, knowledgeable and works safely throughout the site ? Has over 20 + years experience photographing industrial and construction scenarios and understands job site procedures ? Comes to the job site with all proper PPE and doesn't need to be babysat while on the site ?

My experience on the job, whether construction sites, refinery sites or mining operations has allowed me to develop a style that is respected by my peers and my clients. I strive to create images that will stand out when used in my clients marking materials and websites.

I go the extra mile, capture the extra photos and give my client the WOW factor they are looking for !

Commercial Photography Services for Interior Designers, Architects, Developers, Builders and Real Estate By using traditional and advanced lighting methods, I am able to create images that both document a space and help tell a story.  I can create photographs of your spaces that draw the viewer in, and convey the feeling and emotion that the architect & designer envisioned.

Whether you have a small project, or a large one, I can handle your commercial photography needs.

I am based out of  Salt Lake City, Utah,  I am available for projects throughout the Intermountain West and West Coast on short notice !

Pricing varies, depending on the project and location. We are NOT THE CHEAPEST photographer available !

If your looking for cheap, hire the kid down the street !

My skill, knowledge and ability allow's me to be one of the BEST !

This website gives you some idea of the quality and beautiful images you can expect from a professional industrial photographer.

So contact me today to set up a meeting to discuss how I can help showcase your spaces in their best light.

To reach Ken directly:


Phone: (801) 651-3914

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